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August 14 2017


It’s completely fine if your chosen name comes from something you enjoy, such as a book, a video game, or something else! That doesn’t invalidate it at all, and it doesn’t invalidate your identity either, in any way


when your main blog doubles as your personal

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A lot of businesses in downtown Charlottesville with these signs.

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ph.by olivia bee.


one of the reasons i still love Cowboy Bebop so much is because it takes the “used future” look to such an extreme. There’s scenes on Mars that you’d assume were in some lonely southwestern town if you didn’t know otherwise, spaceship interiors that are stained and worn and feel more like the deck of an old fishing boat, space “truckers” whose cockpits are overloaded with gewgaws and souvenirs. Colonies still look very Earthly, because Earthlings didn’t abandon their heritage just because there was new technology available. There are places where brick and mortar buildings are practical and cheap, so you see stone and stucco rather than gleaming arcologies. For the most part, it’s a very industrial, blue collar future; even Spike’s bright red Swordfish II personal fightercraft has more of the feel of something a backwoods tinkerer might occasionally pull out of storage—a former racing vehicle repurposed in ways that probably aren’t wholly legal. Jet’s Hammer Head is alien and strange, yet at the same time calls to mind both older automobiles (with its prominent forward section) and more industrial vehicles with its large towing arm, all brought together by its thoroughly scuffed surface.

some other settings do a bit of this, but none so totally as Bebop. We don’t see things that are fancy and futuristic for the sake of being impressive, but because they make sense in context. The Bebop itself isn’t some super-spacious vessel with room to spare (thinking of a lot of the interior shots of the Serenity in Firefly, here), it’s kind of cramped and uncomfortable, dingy and dark, with a few small personal spaces. It feels small, in contrast to the vastness of space.

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Here is a more simplified version of the post so its easier to understand.

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Alligator snapping turtle skull

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All three panels from my triptych piece!

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Tom Holland photographed by Nikki Holland (2017)


they may be a minor character but they are a major character in my heart

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The Deadly Garden

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i was at the grocery store and did the whole ‘how r u’ ‘good how r u’ ‘good’ thing with the cashier and as i was leaving the person behind me was doing the thing too but this time the cashier said ‘not so good’ so what happened


My Debit Card: Wilful ignorance is not a valid strategy for financial management.

Me: shush capitalism plastic your job is to cause bread not get ideas above your station


Self care is going into a corn field at night to get abducted by aliens

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Pinch pinch pinch

A normal D&D session, but you can't use...






prove to me that you can make this acrobatics check by successfully performing a triple backflip off the kitchen counter in real life

“Can I seduce the goblin?” “I don’t know, can you seduce me?”


The last one is absolutely you.


are you a Sit On The Kitchen Counter gay, or a Sit In The Floor gay?





frida kahlo would enjoy punching terfs

she crossdressed for god’s sake

there is no way she would be a terf

frida kahlo would kiss trans women on the lips and tell them how beautiful they are

frida would paint beautiful pictures of her trans friends and girlfriends and show that female beauty takes many forms

she would have galleries full of paintings dedicated to the beauty of trans women who fight against cissexist gender norms

imagine: trans women with body hair, trans women with short hair, trans women with long flowing hair, trans women with full beards, fat trans women, skinny trans women, full breasted trans women, small breasted trans women, trans women with skin as dark as night, trans women with skin the color of oak, trans women so tall they bump their head on doorways, trans women that have the most radiant smiles, trans women that have gaps in their teeth, trans women with strong noses, trans women with the faces of angels, trans women with freckles that dance across their cheeks, trans women that feel happy and comfortable in their skin and know that because they feel beautiful they know that they are beautiful……

don’t come into my house and tell me that frida kahlo wouldn’t fucking LOVE trans women

rb to make latina trans women and latinx non-binary people happy

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worried that squirrels were eating all the birdseed, so we set up a camera

i do not think that is a squirrel

cute dog.

omg you’ve got drop bears

does that bear have human teeth

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