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October 05 2017

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…oh no

This is the IT version of the condom pinned to the ‘be safe’ note.

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Regional Bird Pokemon

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Sophia Baughan

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Poetic Descriptions for the Moon Signs

ARIES: A consuming fire of emotions echo out and no one dares to run, instead they must watch in awe before the flames burn out. Everyone they come in contact with will feel the heat.

TAURUS: Touch them and you will witness flowers blooming, their vines wrapping around your heart, forever keeping you safe. They are rosey sunsets, they are warm fires, they are the irresistible smell of your favorite meal. Cherish them.

GEMINI: They are bubbly and bright like a dainty fairy, yet as ruthless and unpredictable as a cunning pixie. Their words portray their emotions, the sadness, the joy, and the pain. Dare not to listen and you will hear their glass heart shatter.

CANCER: Feelings come on like tidal waves guided by the strength of the moon, swinging from one mood to the next with every move. Their tears put on a show, their hurt is evergreen, but their love is undeniable and unconditional.

LEO: Oh, how they beckon to be your favorite star! When the spotlight glimmers on their soul, they feel home. Look away for a moment, and you’ll find that their play has taken a sinister turn. You have awoken the lion.

VIRGO: Their heart is like a computer, strong, resilient, and difficult to understand. Research all you want but there’s still so much more to learn. Feed their heart with viruses and you’ll watch them shut down completely.

LIBRA: A scale, constantly leaning towards one side or the other, longing to feel balanced. Their hearts cry out for peace, leaving them to sacrifice their soul for the wrong people. They ride through the wind, a glimmer of harmony in a world of cruelty.

SCORPIO: Gravestone after Gravestone is engraved with their name. Their emotions are washed away time and time again, being swallowed into a cyclone. They turn their pain into something powerful, something taboo, something greater. Be ever fearful of these masterminds.

SAGITTARIUS: You can find them running wild, their feelings scattered out, chasing after them, but what feeling will reach them first? The question remains unknown, unpredictable. But when they catch up to them, they latch on tightly.

CAPRICORN: Their heart is tired and reluctant to feel, their blood circulates everywhere but in their chest. A wall is built over their inner most feelings, taking strength to knock it down.

AQUARIUS: They are one with the clouds, far away from their true feelings. Information is absorbed and rains down on everyone they know. When their feelings come out, they bring on thunderstorms and tornadoes.

PISCES: Their heart is delicate and soft, the comfy silk sheets you melt into after a long day. They wrap you up in a warm, thermal blanket and wipe away your tears. Your troubles and worries become a thing of the past, as they take you to beautiful, dream-like places.

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Now for something different: Magicians + text posts



me to myself: write.

my brain: here are 10 ideas

me: cool! Write the story ?

brain: no write just idea!!!

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Women’s Forestry Corps, UK 1918.

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Carmen Goodyear, one of the founders of Country Women magazine, and her wife Laurie York.

“Carmen Goodyear and Laurie York, partners in farm and marriage, have for decades forged an existence removed from consumerism, rooted in communal living, and above all, situated close to nature. This farm and preserve is where they have raised goats, sheep, chickens, and bees; where they have grown a mammoth garden that supplies most of their food; where they have helped wage successful battles against offshore oil drilling, a nuclear power plant, and GMOs; where they have, after many years together, gotten legally married …” 

From “Country Women” by Rebecca Bengal for Vogue, June 25, 2017. Photographs by Amanda Jasnowski Pascual.

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Lauren K. Cannon, Kindled. A very clever variation on all those images of Aprhodite / Venus being born from the sea.


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I’ve got fire for a heart
I’m not scared of the dark
You’ve never seen it look so easy
I got a river for a soul
And baby you’re a boat
Baby you’re my o n l y reason
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Look at him, he is so happy with himself.

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Oh, nonsense. This is nothing compared to the twig of ‘93.

When I was a kid I laughed at this, but now as an adult who works in the public, I can assure you people are exactly like this.



baby: *incomprehensible babbling*

me: WHAT!? really??? no way :0

This is actually really good for babies’ brain development. You’re laying the groundwork for conversation, teaching them through example that people take turns talking and listening.

Did you know that babies from affluent families hear an average of thirty MILLION more words before age 5 than babies in families below the poverty line? For context, Les Miserables is about 650,000 words and it looks like this:

So it’s like reading this book 46 times.* And that’s not the total number of spoken words, that’s the GAP between affluent and poor babies. And these are the years in which the brain undergoes the most development. It’s mind-boggling.

So what I’m saying is: keep doing the thing. Do it to all babies, all the time. Narrate your day. Ask them for opinions. (“Should we buy the large bag of potatoes or the small bag?” “Gaabooglagje.” “Yes, just as I thought.”) Point out colors and shapes and letters. Let them scribble outside the lines and treat their babble like talk. Sing them nursery rhymes and Raffi songs and songs from the radio. All of these things are going to build their brains to prepare them for kindergarten and beyond.

*Please do not read Les Mis 46 times to an infant. They don’t even care about the Parisian sewer system.


you find a mad libs book on the ground and find that it’s filled completely with proper, sensible words for the situation at hand. a small child in a perfectly tailored gray suit tugs on your shirt with ice-cold hands and politely asks for it back


When I was a very small child, my mom used to bury coins in my sandbox, leave huge boot prints in the sand, and tell me pirates had come in the night and buried treasure. I would be out there happily for hours, with my little sieve, and my mom got a quiet morning to herself for the price of a handful of pennies.

I was always kind of skeptical about Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy, because visiting every kid in the world did not seem reasonable. But the pirates only visited me, so they were probably real.

So that’s the story of how I ended up being an archaeologist. How about you?

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Yes, yes, that’s two Tinglers in a row now, but when the man writes a book a day, what is a boy to do?

Buy it HERE.

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A few people wanted this design on a shirt, so here you go! It’ll only be on sale until the 6th of October, so buy it now if you want it.

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